About Me

Hi, I’m Jordan.

I’m the founder of Parabol, an app for guiding meetings, such as agile retrospectives and weekly check-ins. I’m a “recovering” engineer and angel investor interested in how bits, atoms, and people are arranged and work together.

I often write to work through ideas.

A bit of history about me

As a teenager, I thought connecting people via technology was magical. I loved modems, bulliten board systems, and amateur radio. Work combining computers and amateur radio led to a nearly 20-year career with Digi International in my native Minnetonka, Minnesota. I began in 1996 as an engineer, and literally grew up through roles in technical sales and product management. I began investing in businesses involved in markets I knew well in 2011—including Neur.io (exited 2019) and Particle (active).

I joined Undercurrent, a now defunct strategy and management consultancy to aid businesses like GE, PepsiCo, and American Express plan and achieve some of their highest ambitions. There I fell in love with the study of how people work together and how to lead at scale. This experience led directly to founding Parabol.

My mission

People spend the majority of our lives at work and I believe that work should feel meaningful. I am here to develop and share ideas to help people work together and to feel the time they spend working is important and fulfilling.

Thank you for reading along.

— Jordan